What Makes the Perfect Cheese Platter?

Ideal for entertaining, the perfect cheese platter takes mere minutes to assemble yet will have your guests raving for much longer! We took the liberty of scouring around Park Street Gourmet’s shelves and with some right picks, assembled what we think is a divine platter. When designing your own charcuterie board, be sure to play around with textures and flavours, making it both delicious and serving as a delightful conversation starter.

Kick off your plating with a smoothly cut block of Edam cheese, which has a mild taste to cleanse that palate. Edam pairs well with cold meat slices, such as our thinly sliced Prosciutto Crudo or Speck for strong flavour. For a change in texture, place some creamy and sweet Maasdam cheese to pair with crusty bread, such as a country white sourdough. It’s important to balance tastes, so be sure to include a savoury cheese, such as Feta, which crumbles in your mouth and incorporates the perfect tangy flavour. If you’re looking to add more cheese, we’d suggest you stick to a Mild Provolone.

Accompaniments are just as important as the cheese itself, so go (reasonably) crazy here! Complement your harder cheeses with meats such as the Salome Napoli or some Pancetta. Keep your guests reaching for the plate with some artfully scattered Green Olives, stuffed hot peppers or as like to say with flair in store – “Pepperoncini”, and dried fruit. A Jackaroo Chardonnay or Chateau Toutigeac Bordeaux Blanc would pair perfectly with the semi-hard options, while a Danzante Pinot Grigio complements the softer cheeses better. Keep that bread basket full and, most importantly, keep the wines flowing!

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