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The weekend road trip essentials

Planning on taking the “There’s No Way I Can Get Snacks in Order Before I Leave” route? No worries at all! There are plenty of delicious, healthy, and fun snack options to be found at Park Street Gourmet Colombo and Negombo. Here’s a list of snacks and drinks to take this weekend while going on your weekend getaway for the long weekend

1. Cornitos nacho crisps

2. Makinos Nacho chips, Makinos corn twists, Makinos corn chips

3. Chesma cookies

4. Daffodil cashew milk toffees

5. Casa Rinaldi- Hazelnut toffee coated with chocolate

6. Sozo iced teas & beverages

7. Casa Rinaldi- Roasted coffee bean coated with bitter chocolate

8. Beer

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