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Flown in specially from the lush green pastures of South Eastern Australia and fed on a diet of all-natural clover and rye pastures, White Stripe Premium Australian Lamb Rack is our product of the day and waiting for you in store right now. We like other cuts, of course but there is something extremely satisfying about eating lamb off the bone.

Also in its flavour, the rack is a beautiful cut if you are ready to impress your guests. Pan seared then oven roasted, a rack of lamb offers a quick and elegant meal. Our rack is also “frenched” so that the rib bones have been cleaned of fat and are exposed, with just the right amount of fat left on it for roasting.

This classic cut, offering juicy morsels of meat clinging to the rib bone is the perfect companion to your kitchen, dining room or backyard barbeque.

When it comes to lamb, the rack is where it’s at.


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