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This March, Park Street Gourmet will be highlighting its diverse range of Italian staples and delicacies.

From gnocchis to truffles to the finest Modena balsamic vinegar, our store awaits you with an exciting selection of hand picked ingredients to tantalise your tastebuds.

Follow us to stay updated on our culinary journey through Italy as we will be sharing recipes, and insights on our trusted vendors, both local and international.


Since 1888, The Rinaldi family has been producing traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena in the attic of their home. The vinegar was only produced in small batches for closed ones and it is only in 1979 that the family decided to expand their business. Today, Casa Rinaldi offers a range of over 1000 italian products worldwide.


The Story of Riscossa began as a small family-run company in Corato, Puglia, in 1902.

For over 100 years, Riscossa has been sourcing the best durum wheat of Puglia and Basilicata to bring the great tradition of Italian pasta to you.

The company still employs its classical work method which involves the three stages of kneading, extrusion and drying - to maintain the properties of the wheat grain.

The traditional craftsmanship and dedication of the Mastromauro family has lead Riscossa to become a worldwide exporter of Italian pasta


Established in 2014 by two passionate entrepreneurs, Dolce Italia creates authentic Italian cuisine whilst staying true to their principles of using the freshest local ingredients.

Dolce Italia means “Sweet Italy” in Italian and is the brainchild of Manuela Prugnoli (Co-founder & Executive Chef) & Florence Gambarota (Co-founder & CEO).

Dolce Italia brings home-style Italian food made from all-natural ingredients that are sourced locally, prioritizing customer well-being.

From the inception of their venture, Manuela & Florence make fresh, tasty & healthy Mediterranean diet accessible to Sri Lanka by using ingredients that do not compromise health.

Mediterranean Diet, which was added by UNESCO to the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity of Italy in 2013, requires a unique set of skills, traditions & ingredients that focus on the processing, cooking and consumption of food that have innumerably positive health benefits to those that incorporate this diet into their lifestyle.

At Dolce Italia, all the hallmarks of the Mediterranean Diet are in full flow, and have been taken a step further by incorporating local elements such as Kurakkan (Millet flour) in pizzas and croissants, while maintaining the authentic Italian taste.

No synthetic additives, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or hydrogenated/ refined oils are used at Dolce Italia. We offer healthy alternatives and choices for individuals with distinctive diets such as dairy free, gluten free, Halal, vegan, low Sodium & sugar-free.

Being socially responsible is the biggest motivating factor for Florence & Manuela for what they do and this goes beyond their concept for Dolce Italia supporting community initiatives by collaborating with non-profit organizations to provide free training, food, accommodation to youth for underprivileged backgrounds & being coated to employing risk youth & differently-abled individuals.


Born in 1860, Riso Scotti has grown and evolved from an artisan mill into an industrial rice-processing company.

The history of this family business takes us to Pavia, a town in Lombardy wedged between the Po and the Ticino rivers.

Italy is the largest producer of rice in the European Union with over 90% being cultivated in Pavia.

The great Leonardo da Vinci is known for his contribution to the building of channels in the Po river plains in the 15th century.

Riso Scotti has extended its range of products and introduced an innovative range of vegetal drinks.


AQUA Forte is a harmonious story of friendship and a shared love for the culture and tradition of Italian cuisine. From diverse professional backgrounds, Paolo, Roberto and Ian pursued their dream of owning and running an Italian restaurant in Sri Lanka’s most historic and beautiful city; the old Galle Fort.

AQUA Forte was brought to life in May 2019 and has been introducing the fine art of Italian food, wines and Italian heritage to all those who dined at the restaurant ever since.

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