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As we celebrate International Women’s Day here at Park Street Gourmet, we’re highlighting our female vendors making a difference in the local food industry by asking them to share an inspiring and empowering message to all of us.

Today, we speak with Sepali, the lady behind Sepali's


Q: How long have you been running your business for?

"For about 3 years"

Q: What do you think helped you get this far in your business? How can we mentor young girls to pursue their dreams and keep dreaming bigger?

"I like to cook for people I know and love and, to cook food that I know they would like to eat. Their feedback often includes pushing me to find markets to sell at least some of my products.

If you like cooking and experimenting and there is encouraging feedback, be confident and look to share your culinary expertise."

Q: Share an empowering moment as a woman that inspired you.

"Jayanthi Kuru Utumpala, friend and colleague, achieving her dream of climbing Mount Everest, becoming the first Sri Lankan to do so."

Q: What is one piece of advice to all women who are juggling between home and work?

"Make sure that other members of the family, especially men and boys, understand that they have to equally share housework and care for the young and the elderly in your home."

Q: Why do we need more women in leadership?

"We need to highlight the leadership roles that women play as professionals, daughters, sisters, mothers. Leadership is a process of continuous learning, sharing and moving towards achieving one’s goals in the social, cultural, political and economic spheres. We need society to recognize the multifaceted nature of leadership of women."

Q: Who’s your female role model and why?

"I have several female role models – my mother, my friend the late Sunila Abeysekara, and a number of others. Because they inspire, encourage, critique and love."

Q: Share a message of wisdom for International Women’s Day.

"Aspire to strengthen social practices and political processes that are founded on principles of equality and non-discrimination."


Check out Sepali's range of products here. Park Street Gourmet is offering a 10% discount on all Sepali's products from March 08 till March 14th 2021!

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