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A bakery with a mission to make great handmade bread in Colombo working with natural sourdough.

We don’t use additives; most of our bread is made with just flour, water and salt. We use techniques like long slow fermentation to get the best flavour and nutrition from the grain. Our sourdough bread is made with naturally occurring wild yeast and beats commercial yeasted breads on taste and smell every time. 

What is sourdough? Sourdough is bread made without commercial baker’s yeast. It is leavened with naturally occurring wild yeast. This is how all bread was before the 19th Century. It has more flavor, a more complex fragrance and naturally lasts longer outside without any chemical agent. Sourdough toasted is has a character of its own, crunchy and flavourful.

How We Make our Bread

Our flours, especially our wholegrain flour is hydrated and fermented for 24-36 hours at low temperatures. This long cold, slow fermentation unlocks lots of nutrition from the grain, increases digestibility of the bread by breaking down indigestible carbohydrates into complex sugars. It also produces the complex ‘malty’ flavor and the rich caramel fragrance that is the signature of our crust.

Our loaves are individually hand shaped, proofed in baskets and are finally baked at very high temperature to get that almost perfect balance of a rich crunchy crust and a soft moist crumb.

We bake Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and deliver in Colombo 2-7, or you can choose to pick up your order from Park Street Gourmet on those days.

Visit to place your orders.

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